research project in health care.

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PROJECT PROPOSAL FORMthis assignment is to do a research project on fraud in billing.

Learning Plan 2: Project Proposal


1. Assess organizational needs at the worksite to be addressed by the project.
This learning plan will address the following learning objectives to help you master the competency:
a. Select an organizational or departmental problem or question at the worksite as a topic area for the action research project.
b. Relate the factors considered in choosing the topic area and worksite.
c. Confirm that the topic selected for the action research project is a current area of concern to management at the worksite organization.
d. Identify student learning objectives for the action research project.
e. Provide an overview of the assignments and tasks he/she will be responsible for during the action research project.
f. Ascertain that the problem to be addressed in the action research project is outside the student’s normal work duties.
g. Determine worksite authorities to whom proposal/plan will be submitted, including the site contact person.


This week you will finalize your project idea, site contact person and worksite location and formalize the process by signing necessary forms.

Learning Activities

  1. RESEARCH different research paper styles. Name three main styles that appeared in your search results. What are some of the key differences in these styles? Which style is most aptly used for certain academic subjects? How might this help you in researching and writing your paper?

    LP2.1 Assignment: Week 2 Status Update

    Directions: Each week you will complete and submit a status update form. You will need to fill out the form, save it to your computer, and then upload it to the dropbox for that week.

    Student Name:____________________________

    Dates and Time spent on-site:

    Identify one challenge you faced this week.

    Identify one success you experienced this week. 

    If you are experiencing any difficulties or concerns with your Action Research Project (selecting a topic, locating a worksite, etc.), please specify them below:

    LP2.2 Assignment: Project Proposal 

    Directions: You are required to submit the complete ‘Project Proposal’ form, which must be signed by the learner and the learner’s site contact who is overseeing the project at the selected organization. 

    Discussion 2: Journal Week 2


    Reflect on your time spent on-site and provide the following:

    • Summarize discussions with Site Contact Person, meetings attended and/or special projects.
    • Describe any activity performed or observed at your site and explain why that had significant meaning to you.

    In addition to your reflection answer the following:

    Now that you have researched different paper styles, identify the one you believe to be appropriate for the research paper required in this course. Why did you pick that one? What made you decide against other styles?


Category: Arts & Education Subjects: History Deadline: 24 Hours Budget: $60 - $90 Pages: 2-3 Pages (Short Assignment)

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