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Clients in different settings can have different needs pertaining to assessment. Additionally, assessment needs vary depending on diagnosis, severity of the target behavior in magnitude or frequency, and the developmental needs of the client. Use the readings for this week to pick a minimum of two practice settings (e.g., hospital, school, home, etc.), OR a minimum of two diagnostic issues (e.g., learning disability, personality disorder, ADHD, etc.), OR a minimum of two developmental issues (e.g., chronological age, developmental disability, etc.). In the first part of your answer discuss specific clinical issues that are important to consider with each setting/diagnostic issue/developmental issue that you have chosen. Compare and contrast best practices for assessment in the second half of your answer.

Please note that there are additional resources in the Extra! Extra! Area of the class that present information on functional analysis and general behavioral assessment with multiple other client populations.

this is what she has for the extra extra:

Haynes, S. N. (1998). The assessment–treatment relationship and functional analysis in behavior therapy. European Journal Of Psychological Assessment, 14(1), 26–35.

Nelson-Gray, R.O., Lootens, C.M., Mitchell, J.T., Robertson, C.D., Hundt, N.E., & Kimbrel, N.A. (2009). Assessment and treatment of personality disorders: A behavioral perspective. The Behavior Analyst Today, 10(1), 7–46. Retrieved from http://www.baojournal.com/BAT%20Journal/VOL-10/BAT%2010-1.pdf.

Sturmey, P. (2007). Functional analysis in clinical treatment. Burlington, MA: 

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