PSY304:Lifespan Development

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Before completing this discussion, be sure to review Chapter 12 in your text and the Factors that Influence Sexual Orientation and Gender Socialization, videos. After examining the research in human development presented in your required resources, complete the following discussion:

Ideas and perceptions of gender and sexuality are strongly dependent on cultural factors and influences.  Define gender and sexuality. What is the difference between the two? Describe the influences of culture on these aspects of human development.

In addition, examine how stereotypes and other cultural factors influence our perception of acceptable expressions of gender and sexuality. Give examples illustrating how a particular expression of gender or sexuality may be acceptable in one culture and unacceptable in another. Predict how the expression or repression of a person’s gender and/or sexuality may influence the person’s interpersonal development.

Your initial post must be at least 300 words and use a minimum of one scholarly source located in the Ashford University Library or on Google Scholar that is cited and referenced according to APA style, as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.

Category: Business & Management Subjects: Business Law Deadline: 12 Hours Budget: $70 - $105 Pages: 2-3 Pages (Short Assignment)

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