Compare two news articles that are on the same story

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Coverage by of the news is not carried out by any monolithic
organization that gets to decide what is, and is not, the correct way to report
the news. Today perhaps more than ever, the editorial or opinion piece of the
news is more apparent and widespread than it had been in the decades before
cable news, 24-hour-news cycles, and the rise of the Internet as a news source.
This does not necessarily mean that the news has become any less impartial,
simply that news organizations are more conscious of markets and demographics,
the people they are trying to attract, than ever before.

Find two articles that address the same issue produced by
two different news sources (this cannot be the same AP story published by
different sources). For your initial posting, summarize what message each
writer is trying to get across, and provide a brief analysis explaining which
piece you feel is more effective and why. Be sure to include links for each
article in the posting.

Category: Business & Management Subjects: Human Resource Management Deadline: 12 Hours Budget: $70 - $105 Pages: 2-3 Pages (Short Assignment)

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