Analyze All Aspects of Each Players' Temperament

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Imagine you are a sport psychologist for a premier college sports team and you have just been handed the following two cases:

using this article and these powerpoint slides, answer ALL these questions and reference the answer using where you found the information. DO NOT cite any other references except what i have given you. 

  Module One.Temperamentppt.ppt  

elliott article.pdf 

Pete and Mike are players within a Division 1 football program.

Pete is a team leader, openly aggressive and fiery. His weaknesses are over-pursuit (he tends to " run past" receivers who have caught a pass) and personal fouls.

Comment on his temperament and help him to create two goals that will address his weaknesses

Mike is intense, but silent. He practices longer than every one who also plays at his position, knows the play book better than anyone, yet on the filed, he has never progressed beyond being third in the depth chart, because he hesitates in his commitment to a receiver and is not as aggressive as the other two players in front of him on the depth chart..

Comment on his temperament and help him to create two goals that will address his weaknesses.

Post your analysis of all aspects of each players' temperaments and also the two goals for each that you believe will specifically address their weaknesses. Please comment on two other group members' posts and assist each other in creating the goals that are most appropriate (i.e., ones that specifically match the payers' unique temperaments) to each player.

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