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Moral Virtue and Moral Vice week 5 discussion 2

Moral virtues make you act in a moral way whereas moral vice makes you act indifferent and/or possibly in a harmful manner. Police officer, probation/parole officers, and lawyers are held to higher standards ethically and morally and that is the main thing we have learned in this class. The characteristics necessary for these professionals are: moral, ethical, professional, respectful, and finally objective. All four professionals must have all these characteristics about themselves in order to be the best person for the job. As an example if I am walking down the sidewalk and a mugger steals my purse from me and a cop sees it then he should take action and not just stand there and watch it happen. As far as probation/parole officers are concerned they should give tough love as I have heard before but at the same time be respectful to their client. If I break a law and I am given a public defender they have to represent me as if I am innocent until proven guilty. They have to defend me regardless of how guilty I really am of committing the crime. The more I think about it though I honestly do not know how I would react in any of the scenarios because I have never been placed in them. I am however a moral and ethical person but at times people really do push my buttons and get a rise out of me. I have to rise above their standards and be the better person simply by walking away. I have always heard that I have to pick and choose my battles or to fight for what I believe in.

just need to tell the bad and good of the post list references thanks

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