PSY325: Statistics for the Behavioral & Social Sciences 10 question quiz

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How is the z-test different from z-score analysis? (Points : 1)

  The z-test compares a sample to a population.
  The z-test calculates a value of z which can be compared to Table A.
  The z-test provides a way to evaluate how individuals compare to a population.
  The z-test is based on how individual scores compare to a sample mean.

A one-sample t value is statistically significant in which situation? (Points : 1)

  The calculated t is equal to or larger than the table value.
  The calculated t is equal to or smaller than the table value.
  The calculated t is equal to or smaller than .05.
  The calculated t is equal to or larger than .05.

What advantage does the one-sample t offer over the z-test? (Points : 1)

  The one sample t requires no parameter standard error of the mean.
  The one sample t requires no parameter mean.
  The one sample t requires no sample mean.
  The one sample t doesn’t require interval scale data.

Consulting Table 3.1, what percentage of the distribution occurs below z = 1.0? (Points : 1)


The Cohen’s d has an upper limit of 1.0. (Points : 1)


What does Cohen’s d measure in the independent t-test? (Points : 1)

  Whether a result is a random outcome
  The effect size of the result
  The direction of the difference
  The impact of the dependent variable

The z-test asks whether the population from which the sample was drawn has the same mean as the population to which it is compared. (Points : 1)


Which of the following expressions is an indication of sampling error? (Points : 1)

 M = m
 x – M
 M ≠ mM

A type I decision error occurs in which of the following circumstances? (Points : 1)

  The decision not to proceed with an analysis
  The decision to proceed when the analysis is flawed
  Erroneously determining that a result is not significant
  Erroneously determining that a result is significant

In a distribution for which the mean is 25 and the standard deviation is 5, what percentage of all scores occur at 30 or above? (Points : 1)


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