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ORIGINAL WORK ONLY!!! The following chart needs to be completed by using the guidelines below. This is not a paper, they are just for you to get a better understanding as to what key points I am required to have covered in the chart.

Explanation for World View Chart

Origin of All Things:  all religions or philosophies have a cosmology at least implied in their beliefs or propositions. How did the world begin? Is there a Creator? What is his/her role in human life? Where did people come from?

Nature of God/gods:  this category deals with whether or not the religion believes in some type of deity or deities. If there is one, in what way does the God/god interact with humans, if at all? Is the God/god benevolent? angry? violent? Personal or remote?

View of Human Nature: this category examines the idea of how the religion sees human beings. There are four major world views: naturalistic/materialism; pantheism; secular humanism; and monotheism. Each takes a different view of human nature, i.e., what are humans at their core? Each religion we study falls into one of these four world views. This will help you discern its take on human nature.

View of Good / Evil:  This category deals with the view the religion holds about the questions: “What is the good? What is evil? What are their relationships to each other, if any? “Is goodness seen as relative or variable or is there a set standard of ‘ right and wrong’ in the religion? What constitutes ‘evil’ and should one avoid it? How?

View of “Salvation”: This category deals with the religion’s view of the ‘right path’ or the best way for humans to achieve the ‘good life’ or the spiritual goal (heaven, blessedness, nirvana, oblivion, etc.). Are there specific things people are to do, or is it only available to a small group of especially holy people?

View of After Life:  What is the religion’s understanding or idea (if any) of life after death? What happens to humans when they die? This would include reincarnation.

Practices and Rituals: What practices or rituals are considered important daily or regular parts of the religion? What is the role of any holy books or writings? What are the rites of passage or entrance to the religion?

Celebrations/Festivals:  What role do celebrations play in the religious life? What is the significance of the celebrations? Who participates? What is done? 


Origin of All Things

Nature of God

View of Human Nature

View of Good and Evil

View of “Salvation”

View of After Life

Practices and Rituals

Celebrations and Festivals

Week 1

Indigenous Peoples

Week 2

Hinduism and Jainism

Week 3


Week 4

Daoism and


Week 5


Week 6


Week 7


Week 8


Week 9


Week 10



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